To Pump or Not to Pump..That is the question

Posted: August 19, 2010 in DHT, Growth, Metiodioplasty, Phalloplasty, Pumping, Transgender, Urethral Extention, Vaginectomy

So over the past 25 months or so on T I have been asked this same question, “Does pumping really work”. Even though I know it’s something most people really don’t know about I still side eye the question and the person’s intents on asking me. For those that are not familiar with the cis-male anatomy or better yet the anatomy of a cis-female then we have some learning to do. So lets dig in to the schooling for a second.

The actual structural anatomy of a penis versus the clitoris, If you read the follow chart there are only a few things that make them that different.

Size, shape, and vaginal opening really make the difference. Erectile tissue and function are both one in the same. When aroused they both swell and in turn become larger.

An interesting article to support the notions of them being one in the same as well: THE FEMALE PENIS

Now with knowing that and going into the subject more knowledgeable of your anatomy we can proceed to the fun stuff. Does pumping really work? YES, BUT you have to do the work to get the results. Just like with working out your not going to see any result sitting on your ass whining and wishing. Time practice and consistency gets you where ad the size you want to be.

With time and dedication you can go from a small size too a large size which to someone with lower dsyphoria that is a great way to feel better about your day. I can personally say it is recommended by my Dr. to pump before getting meta to achieve gains in girth and length prior to surgery so that the end result is much more prominent then those who choose not to or do not feel comfortable pre op to post. He also recommends pumping up to a year post op to keep from having retraction of the penis. Which might I add many guys do not know that happens and can look like it shortens you and it really is not the case at all. Another key point to pumping is listening to your body. If it is uncomfortable STOP! If you hurt your wang your going to be one unhappy camper.

I’ve found that pumping correctly is the best way to do anything in regards to pumping. Lubrication is another issue if its too dry in the cylinder then your going to have some serious issues with friction. Friction equals some serious pain not to mention you could be messing up your pumping potential.

Healthy and happy pumping is simple and easy:

  1. Get a quality pump that fits you
  2. Use lube
  3. practice a continuous cycle of pumping

3 Steps to increased size and happiness 8D

Happy pumping!

  1. Pumping does work and I plan to be all over it once I heal.

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