Man oh man this feeling is still sooooo very surreal. Just 24 hours ago I was waking up from surgery. Dr. Weiss was sooo awesome as well as all the attending anesthesiologists and the plastic surgery residents that were assisting the Dr. Just like last time I feel set up lol, had to take some deep breathes then next thing I know I’m waking up lol. I wasn’t nervous wasn’t scared I was made to feel so comfortable I forgot for a second it was even a surgery lol.

I left home like 5 am and actually got to the hospital an hour early yes for once I was extremely prompt lol. I waited in the waiting room for some of the time waiting on my sis to get there. They called for sign in at 8 am and seeing as though I was the first surgery on the OR schedule I was called in right away. As usual they took vitals and verified all my info as all that good stuff then I was taken to the changing area. I put on the nice sexy gown lol not so sexy it was cold as shit in there.

From there I was taken back to the recovery area where the nurse took vitals and put me in the system and banded me. I got a allergy band, my ID band, and a band saying what surgery I was getting. So I was all bright and colorfully banded lol. In total I seen 4 anesthesiologists they all work together the main one was really cool and nice and she started my hand iv. I never had one so she made sure to numb my hand, it literally felt like a mosquito bite then it burned a little then nothing. Didn’t feel it going in at all but as soon as she hooked the tubing up my arm got cold as hell. She laughed and was like wow u have big veins because i was taking in more fluid then needed so she cut the flow back some. Then she left and told me Weiss would be there shortly.

About 10 mins later Weiss came in in his business attire with the assisting plastic surgeon he was really nice too. They made marks on my chest and told me again they may have to take extra skin but they would do their best to not have to do the extra marks. I was a little worried because I didn’t want the extra skin or the other scar incisions so of course after i re-gowned I said I silent prayer. They soon returned to come take me in, I’m glad I didn’t have to wait and was the first person it made me a lot less nervous I believe.

We get to the OR and it’s freaking cold as shit they thought I was nervous and I was like no I’m cold as hell lol. So I got on the skinny bed and got a blanket from the warmer and was strapped to the table. They put the monitors on me and mask over my face and told mental deep breathes and then things go blank. Next thing I know I woke up needing to piss like hell and high as ever lol. Weiss came and checked on me and told me they didn’t need to make any extra incisions and that things went great 8D. His bedside manner is sooo good I didn’t feel like a patient more like a good friend he was coming to check on, I thanked him for everything and he went back to work I believe on someone else.

I got wheeled back to same day recovery where the nurse showed mr how to empty my drains and how long before I emptied each seemed easy enough. I finally got juice and crackers yayyy lol. Def didn’t really want it I wanted to come home so after going pee and locating my sis I was able to get dressed and leave. It felt soooooooooooooo good to just have on a shirt and nothing else well besides the wrap around me.

There was zero pain just soreness like I put in a great workout. If I could’ve done a flip i would have lol. I never knew how much it would change me but I’m on top of the world and can’t wait to see my chest. I was nodding like a dope fiend on the train ride home it was funny lol but I enjoyed my sisters company very much and the walking got some of the anesthesia out of my system. Came home and emptied my drains it’s draining really well on both sides and supposed to come out on thursday when I get to see my chest.

Today there’s no pain I did wake up a bit sore but that’s what pain meds are for lol. Still draining really well but now it’s draining puss so I’m guessing that’s a good sign that I’m healing nice. Gotta love being healthy and in shape it makes recovery soooo much easier. I can’t wait until I see my chest I know they did an awesome job. I doubt I will need revision and if I do it’ll just be like an areola/nipple reduction but undoubted I will i have pretty ok sized nipples. I did have to call Dr Weiss and let him know my pain levels and how things were draining he said everything is good sounding and he will call and check on me tomorrow. 20 mins later the nurses from the hospital called to check on me, I have to safe they have some seriously amazing bedside manners and highly recommend everyone. 8D now I’m just kinda draining puss and I figured out WTF this lump was on my left pec drain tubing lol duhhh toyne.

I’m soooo happy I never thought I’d see this day but it’s real and even though i know it’s real it still feels surreal. I’ll be putting up pics probably Thursday when the bandages come off and i get my official letter for my gender change on my birth certificate sooooo excited to have that in my hands 8D. Till then blogging my life away lol.

Thanks again to everyone that has been there for me the support is freaking awesome 8D

Till next time


  1. AWESOME! I am waiting for more pictures! We need to go somewhere and be shirtless just cause! (obviously after you have healed).

    Happy healing!

  2. Happy healing! We need to go hang out shirtless somewhere!

  3. Elijah says:

    Is there anyway you can send pictures of your chest so I can see the job he did on you?

  4. Leonidas says:

    Hey congrats bro!
    I am looking to making an appointment for a consultation with Weiss for top surgery and just have a few questions. I email his office and ask about the consultation fee and they said it’s $200… I feel like that’s a lot just for a consultation. However,I was hoping if you’d share your experience about the initial fee. Thank you

    • Sir Vertigo says:

      $200 is actually his standard and most Drs charge about that amount actually. Some even charge more for consults. You should be aware that they also charge for scheduling surgery at some practices which can be $500-$1000 some places and thats to hold the date of your surgery. So it all just depends on the actual surgery center. If you have insurance this may cover that fee, you should speak with his office manager about this.

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