Man oh man first and foremost what the hell is the temperature doing with it’s life lol it’s like 27488473 degrees by 8 am that’s soooo not sexy. But today makes my official month marker post hysto, yayyy! I posted updated pics related to my hysto in the nice drop down menu of post op healing. I’ll more then likely update the healing at about the 3 month marker.

After running around like a mad man today it did turn around and become pretty pleasant. I had my pre op appt with Dr. Weiss today, just felt really comfortable again as usual. Despite my reservations with some staff members he’s awesome as ever 8D! as usual I’m given a list of dos and don’ts first off starting with my t lol def banned from my next shot but awesome enough the day after surgery is shot day so I can go without 1 shot easy. He did also show me the technique he’s going to use to kill my excess skin. It’s going to leave some what if an omega looking scar around my areolas but the skin won’t be there and I heal well so I’m not bothered by a little bigger scar. Hell that’s what they made mederma for lmao. I’m just really really excited about surgery 10 days now and it’s not coming fast enough lol.

Another good thing for the day

*drum roll*

Lower surgery deposit has officially been transferred to Dr Miro! So my nuts are in their way tone ordered. Def want mediums not big on huge nuts long as they fit me I’m all for it. Holding the receipt makes it sooooo much realistic. Now I’m just waiting for Marta to contact me back with the rest of the account info so the balance can be paid 8D! So freaking exciting at lost for words really but most def ready for it to come like right now lol.

Everything is just going sooooooooo well it’s freaking nice to for once just relax and let the world just turn as it’s meant with out constant stress from dysphoria. 10 more days and I’m still wondering what this chest if nine will look like. Either way I know I’m going to be super happy with my results 8D!

I’m going to be adding pre-op and post-op chest pics. As well as all pics from my surgical mission number 2! Not sure what funny stories I’ll have to tell this time but I’m sure it’ll be something worth a million laughs lmao.

Until next time…



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