So today has been eventful if I do say so myself. I finally got everything I needed to get in order as far as legal records go and it feels damn good to watch as all the M’s stack up in the correct places they should have been all along. It’s still pretty surreal to know that as soon as that surgeons letter is in my hand that’s my golden ticket to documentation final changes. Well as soon as I get it notarized lol.

I got everything all lined up nice and neat in a folder just waiting for stamps. I think being around my grandmother has prompted me to take a lot of needed steps as well as with draw myself from a lot of unnecessary crap that was begun to flood into my every day. Life is indeed too short for foolishness, as Granz says “enjoy life while you have it and always have a plan of action”. I’ve been definitely sticking to that in every which way.

I got my ID officially changed the other day nice shiny M on there. Definitely served it’s purpose as the confidence booster of the day. No more strange looks, feels a lot better to just get looked at as a hoodlum now lol. Stereotypes are very fascinating but never seem to fail. I assume as I fit even more into myself things on that front will become even more awkward lol.

So whats goings on?

New Glasses: Not surgery related but needed seeing as though the last place I went to did not correct my vision completely so I’m actually already starting to blur which is BAD for glasses that are only a few months old. So I should have those right before surgery time. I got 2 pairs, some solid black ones and some nice new balance frames that fit. That’s another thing these do not fit my face at all, so this is definitely a better option. I’m blind enough as is no need to make it worse lmao.

ID Name and Gender Change-info on NJ ID changes can be found online or at the local DMV ask for the gender change form: ACHIEVED 6-24-10

Birth Certificate Name and Gender Change-info on NJ BC changes obtainable online(I’ll make a page for BC/Name changes) cost $29 for changes, 1 certified copy, and one additional certified copy: PENDING NOTARIZED TOP SURGERY LETTER (19 more days woot woot 8D)

Name and Gender Change on HS Transcripts-info can be obtained by calling your old school: PENDING NEW BC

Gender Change on SSN Card (yes for those that don’t know there is a gender there, fill out Form SS-5 for both name and gender change this can be obtained online NO FEE): PENDING NEW BC

Brand New Passport-all info was obtained online $100 fee for new passport plus $8.99 for passport photos: PENDING NEW BC

Everything is all printed out, filled in, money orders attached and definitely ready to go for change. I decided to wait until after I change my BC to change a lot of things for one reason and one reason only, EASIER. It a lot easier and less paper trail I have to send out especially for my passport. It just makes it easier to send a corrected BC, proof of ID, proof of residency instead of name change, old BC, pre-surgical and/or therapist letter stating GID and upcoming SRS, even with the policy change i like to show all evidence so there’s no room for bull hocky. The less they know about my SRS the less I have to deal with it popping back up when I don’t need it to on all home fronts.

I’ve also decided to scrap book my whole transition. I know a lot of us don’t like to keep records like that but for me its been extremely therapeutic to have on my down days. This is something that I will be able to physically hold and look through on my bad days and gives me something neat to do. Interesting enough I come home from bottom surgery around Xmas and my scrap book is a Xmas scrap book lol. Wasn’t done intentionally that’s just the empty one my grandmother had that she gave me. Kinda cool though so I’ll work with it either way lol.

I’ve also rearranged the tabs in my blog to prepare for later changes to come. I’ve decided I will share my post op results from lower surgery openly on my blog BUT the page will be password protected and only those men I am close to will see the explicit content directly on my blog. Everyone else will have to visit the yahoo groups that I post to directly. I find it somewhat courteous for myself and many viewers not to openly post that part of my journey. Somethings just need to be protected no matter how open I am and my new dude is one of those things that need ADT lol. But on another note it is something that I STRONGLY believe should be available especially for those POC men that need that insight for themselves. The blind leading the blind is something we all know too well in the POC community, so I’m working to change that even if it starts and stops with just me as long as this blogs up there will be some sort of help for the brothers that need and want that help.

In other news NOTHING lmao…im doing wonderful and loving my surroundings. I had to remove certain people that held no meaning and also so I can foccus on whats important to me with out being clouded with BS. Everyone should try it sometimes lol.

Til next time…


  1. I like this update! I plan to keep reading and see where things go.

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