Reality & My Chest

Posted: June 13, 2010 in Double Incision, Dysphoria, Male Ego, Mastectomy, Peri Areola, Pre-op, Top Surgery, Transgender

I have been planning my chest surgery since well before I took a lick of T. I was not too sure how exactly I was going to even accomplish getting the funds or even what Dr. i was going with but I know I need to have it done and asap. In reality 2 years have gone by and I am just now getting the opportunity to get chest surgery. Which I have to be completely honest I am glad I did have to wait. I learned a lot along the way that had made me appreciate who I am, what I have, and where I am going to be.

It also gave me the opportunity to get a large grasp on reality and research for deeper truths in my possible surgical outcomes. Many of us use other peoples pictures as basis for what our own chest will look like. Which in many cases can be a horribly wrong thing to do like extremely wrong. You may see something that did not come out all that well on someone else and turn your nose up to that Dr. end up going to “the best” and end up with that same result you turned your nose up to. I’ve seen it happen too many times and people are very pissed off, the main reason because they weren’t being realistic about this. Fact is, it is surgery nothing and I mean nothing is going to come out perfect. What you see as perfect is not perfect to someone else and vice versa.

In my considerations I found myself steering away from the pictures of other guys who had surgery and focusing more on the actual Dr. and their qualifications for the procedure I’m seeking. For myself being on the smaller side I looked for Dr.’s that were more experienced in gynecomastia surgery.  Once finding that I looked at how long they have been practicing then I look at how many cases they have dealt with. I find Dr.’s with more experience meaning in years I’m more comfortable with them operating on me. Once i establish these key things I then ask for pictures, not to say yes that’s what my chest will look like but to get a feel on his skills.

From there I compare my chest with cis-gender men my height, weight, ethnicity, skin tone, and age that gives me a better comparison of what my chest should look like around now. In doing so i found the contour for my build and size is almost where it should be. I’m more along the lines of gynecomastia just a more extreme over developed case. In my research I have seen cis-gender men who had gynecomastia in worse cases then mine where their chest is almost a C cup in size. I find this very promising seeing as though if they had a good outcome that large then I should just be just find in deed. But once again this is reality so revisions are always factored in before anything else and a good Dr. will forewarn you of this before had like every consult I have been to as well as with my surgeon now. He said his only concern is a bit of excess skin but between me working it out and healing I may not need a large revision at all since the skin retracts and mine is very elastic and tight. I have confidence things will be absolutely fine but this is just my trust in the Dr. I am using and his 15 years of experience doing FTM and MTF surgeries.


This is one of the examples of what a cis-gender male my exact build should look like in the chest. I am very happy with something a long these lines, realistically I may have to have a bit of a revision but I am willing to do that do get the look that is comfortable for me. I’m not perfect and don’t want to be perfect I just need to be comfortable on the inside and out.

With saying that I have only a few requirements:

Natural contour: One thing my Dr. is very anal about is natural looking chest, my biggest factor in choosing him. As well as with that he has issues with concave contour he has a technique to fix that another deciding factor.

Proper nipple size/placement: There is no reason my nipples need to be messed with honestly another thing my Dr. confirmed with other surgeons who I have consulted with. I have natural male sized nipples and male placement fort the most part. They should be about a centimeter to 1.5 centimeters above where they are no

There you have it my list lmao. I’m not picky I’m very realistic and I know that half the results are on him and the rest is on me. Soon as I’m healed it will be a bodybuilding mission starting from semi scratch and going to build myself up fast before bottom surgery. I know I have work to do when he is done, I just need a nice canvas to paint on you know.

I think if a lot more of us thought along these lines a lot less would be really upset in the end. Yet also this goes with loving yourself and learning to balance mental and physical. Reality has to be put into play not to depress or upset us BUT to keep us from that in the long run. It would be nice for once someone to not forget their needs based on someone else. Or not use their own opinions because so and so is going to xyz surgeon. I have seen some guys not even share who they have had surgery with because other guys will say rude things because that Dr. is a someone they may have never heard of. These same people forget years ago their so highly recommended surgeon was that same no name surgeon and it took one person recommendations to get them so eager to sign up.

Moral of me saying all this is more of us need to op to use our reason and not examples of others. Do more extensive research and not jump the gun so fast and we may see a bigger chance at being happy with the results that we get.

If only it was that easy



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