OFFICIALLY POST OP!! well 2 days now lol

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Bilateral Salpingo Oopherectomy, Changes, Insurance, medically necessary, Post-op, TLH-BSO, Total Laprocopic Hysterectomy, Transgender, update

I was expecting to get to write while still in the hospital but due to crappy wifi def did not happen we gonna have to work on that next time Beth Isreal lol. But I did it and I made it out YAYYYYYYY!! My Dr was awesome the surgiacl team was super awesome the hospital staff couldnt have asked for better care.

It was a bit awkward at first cause my bracelet had X as my gender I thought they were being funny but come to find out it was for my safety. not to mention it also got me a private room so I was totally ok with that. Im not going to go too much into the steps seeing as though I have 483478926 videos from surgery you can jsut watch those if you want:

I do have a few key things I did want to talk about that I didn’t get a chance to get on video that you all should now before hand…

No food and water after midnight the day of surgery– I think for me that had to be one of the most annoying parts im a night eater i was going nuts lol.

Be prepared for a tube in your throat– It wasnt that bad when I woke up I was told I flipped…I dont remember it. but when i woke up I was thirsty as all hell glad to have ginger ale waiting it helped me burp out some of the gas on my stomach.

You will have serious pressure in your stomach– they fill you with gas to expand your stomach so they can get to the parts without hurting anything else. It sounds cool but it don’t feel cool so be prepared for that.

The gas won’t come out right away– It took me until today which is day 2 post op to get my stomach semi ok. Took my first doo today and was farting allllllll night yay me felt like a 2 year old making my first pee lmao.

You will spot aka bleed-it did somewhat freak me out but I was expecting it. just strange after no blood for 2 years then boom a nice red ribbon lol. It lasted about 24 hours now i just have moisture how fun lol.

Surgery lasts about 1.5-2 hours– to me it seemed like 5 secs lmao

You should wake up with 3 incisions maybe 4 depending on your Dr– the only time you will wake up0 with a large scar is IF there was an issue and your dr’s will let you know about that when you wake up. that larger incision will mean more pain. with these pain is level 3 its more pressure from the gas then pain.

As long as all its clear you eat what you want– I woke up and got busy with a burrito from burritoville lmao. I did not have any nausea from anesthesia in fact once I woke up all the way I was really high but extremely alert it surprised me. guess that’s my high tolerance for drugs.

Incision care– NO BANDAIDS. Your incisions are closed with surgical glue feels kinda weird but cool. The adhesive from bandaids can actually rip the glue off. I found this out after the nurse put one on the oozing side and Dr Rodriguez came and took it off..that didn’t feel too sexy lol. Besides that shower like normal and use common sense dont scrub them and pat them dry when drying off. simple and easy.

If you don’t go pee withing 6 hours of coming out of surgery they will re cath. you– seeing as though i went pee soon as I got to my room I didn’t have to worry about that. But the nurse did come in and tell me if I wouldn’t have the catheter would have been my new best friend lol.

First time peeing post op-when you first go it is the weirdest feeling in the world. Felt lie stuff was gonna fall outta me lol. but it didn’t i think it was due to the pressure as well. It was a bit irritating to the point i had to stop and sit there and then start peeing again but it worked itself out.

Last but not least HOT FLASHES and other hormonal changes-this maybe different depending on your situation but for me. I was hot flashing immediately that is the most annoying crap in the world. gown was up blanket was on one leg and not the other i was a mess watching cartoons lol. I also noticed once i woke up from sleeping my face was a bit fuzzier as well I had sprouted new hairs on my hands. My chest has shrunken a bit as well which i just noticed that today. They feel a lot less firm and full, which is awesome for top surgery coming up hopefully ill be cleared where I can at least get a week of workout in on my chest before top gets here.

All in all i enjoyed my experience and  if I had to let them do it again I would do it again and again. They were totally the coolest ever! was the best first surgery experience I could ask for. Dr. Rodriguez is HIGHLY recommended.  Wish she was my PCP now lol. I go back to see her the 23rd and def coming with gifts lol she def deserves it they whole team does.

well that’s all for now guys there’s tons of videos and if you click the TLH-BSO tab at the top you can see all my surgery pics along with my removed parts. They look like little mutants and if you look at the 3rd picture of my uterus it has a face lol. I been telling people for years it had a mind of its own lmao.


  1. Dr. R is the BEST! I am soo happy for you!

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