Dysphoria how does it really affect us?

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Changes, Dysphoria, Male Ego, Post-op, Pre-op, Transgender

I’ve been asking myself this for sometime when it comes to pre and post guys mixing. What I mean by mixing is simply engaging in activity or conversations on transition. I’ve noticed some are perfectly fine with this while others have serious issues with it, not only that but has made some peoples levels of dysphoria spike due to transitional uncomfortablity. Now when I say post it’s not exclusively to surgical transition I’m speaking post on every aspect of transition(post-t, post-surgery, post-transition)

I’ve noticed in the POC transmasculine community there is also alot of competition and resouce with holding so that others can’t use the same passage of transition. I just wonder for those that choose to do so where exactly do they think a community that’s striving for change is going to go with this kind of brotherly love? We as a whole would get alot further in transition if more of us would work together. But for some reason it’s better to compete then help the whole excel. I mean seriously who are you to put limitations on someone elses transition?Karma is a very strong force people, think of the road blocks you have you may have caused them yourself with dirty deeds. Trust me when I tell you it feels alot better seeing a brother excell then watching him fall. As a people of ethinic background everything is competition and even in transition we haven’t learned yet that coming together leads to positivity and mass change not to mention respect from those that showed none before. Then I’ve heard comments such as, “why do the non poc transmen have more products and services directed towards them?” No duhhhhh smart ass we have to congregate and show need fr these services and products. If we can’t even share resources how do we make such a massive change within society? I mean seriously the Nass insurance coverage issue could be simply solved if we came together but I suppose I’m the only one using my head correctly who knows.

With this in mind and that type of additude taken affect on every decision made it jades alot of situations. Not just that but from the stand point of someone who is pre they may also have certain issues. Say for instance the pre person is surrounded by post men who are discussion post topics abut he has no input. Now most would think yeah that’s cool because he gets to learn buy what about how he may actually be feeling about these events. No one really knows his level of discomfort. At the same time I notice for many others this is not so, they are fine in groups very active indeed. So what’s the cause for this?

Why for some people dysphoria takes no hold but for others it’s extreme to the point they would physically hurt themselves? Try their best to stall the next mans transition progress? There’s so many fascinating things behind each persons individual transition which once again makes me look back at some pathologizations. How is it that we are all labeled one thing but many if us can never relate? But others go above and beyond the relation, levels of dysphoria at their best I suppose.

Just random thoughts….



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