Approval at last! 45 days to go

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Insurance, Mastectomy, Peri Areola, Pre-op, Top Surgery, Transgender, update

Yet another day I wake up and proceed to make my calls to insurance. I got to the customer service rep and this time I asked for the authorization number as well as coverage dates. Before getting off the phone I also made sure I told the customer service agent to make note that no one has contacted my dr and my dr’s office didn’t plan on checking on the claim until they heard word of approval. Well she then informed me it was actually the surgeons obligation to call and check on appropriate claims for thier patients. With that being noted i thanked her or her help because it was needed to know that tidbit of information. Before getting ready to call my dr’s office I decided I needed a little spiritual guidance and blessing on the situation so I decided to pray and on the situation as well.

I decided instead of calling and getting the secretaries I would email my dr more directly seeing as though sending him the appropriate srs codes for my insurance got my claim approved. As soon as I was typing his website in my phone starts ringing, it’s his office finally calling saying it was approved. Duhhhhh samething I been telling them the past week you would think after the patient tells you things were approved you’d investigate, smh.

So she transfers me to the office manager who is in charge of setting surgery schdules up. She tells me July 19th, and my heart drops in disbelieve as well as relief. It’s not as soon as I would have hope for but it’s still a good month. July 19th I had just been 2 weeks on T. It was a very interesting beginning of my transition. I never thought I would get to see the day let alone everything else that’s going on with hysto and meta. Allah is good really really good.

I can finally breathe nothing but fresh air. Nothing but relief it finally feels good now I can look into moving away from where I really don’t want to be. It is a good area for sorting through initial transition but I feel likenits time to move away and leave room for others that need to advance but also work on the areas that don’t have as good of resources to get the care that we deserve. There’s been a few spotlight areas that are going to be recieving my help most definitely. I’m really excited about finally getting to do things I need for me other then transition. School is really excited I believe Im going to start online in September so that way instead of taking weeks off from school I’ll have nothing but time to do my school work while in Belgrade. It’s really excited to know that shortly I’ll be legally able to assist in my communities healthy and safe medical transition. I also hope to be amount those that shed more appropriate light on medical transition and how medically necessary it really is. Something so needed I’d ignored and honestly I feel is a violation of our human rights. But in due time things will come together and things will work out better for us all.

45 days to go until next time….



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