2 Days Missed Op :(

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Changes, Dysphoria, Insurance, Mastectomy, Peri Areola, Pre-op, Top Surgery, Transgender, update

Well it’s officially been 7 days since I’ve been approved and no word from the dr’s office on a date for top surgery. It’s like pure madness i’m not understanding how I can call my insurance company follow the automated system and speak to customer service to find out whether the surgery was approved or not. I called today to do just that and on top of that the lady gave me the authorization number for the approval. After that I called the dr’s office and they still haven’t heard anything. Even after me telling her it was approved she proceeds to say we’ll call when we hear something. I mean seriously it couldve been as easy as her hanging up with me and calling them right then. I just honestly don’t get it.

Then on top of that crap that crap today would have made me 2 days post top bur oooo no they wantto mess things up. It’s like I know it’s good that I had to fight them on the coding situation so that guys after me wouldn’t have such issues but sheesh. They won’t call to find out like I did so I’m assuming they are waiting on the snail mail method of written documented approval. It really sucks knowing for a fact your approved and there’s not a thing you can do to speed them up any faster. I continue to pray on it and hope that I will hear some news within the next week better yet hear something tomorrow would really make my day. But I should know the same time they find out since we still get written approval. Hell the way Im feeling may call my insurance again tomorrow and see if someone can fax over approval. Cuz this is getting outrageous I’m approved but it’ll be a freaking month before I get a date messing with them. I’m just not getting why I can call but they get paid to call and they won’t.

I’m just goig to sit and pray on it that’s all I can really do right about now. It’s a blessing in itself for them to be approved now to just really get things done and over with would help the level of anxeity. I mean getting solid approval on both surgeries alleviated alot if built up emotions and nervousness but this has me on edge as well. It’s like im almost there bit still being strung along.sef going to be sure to tell Dr. Weiss about this non-sense.

It’s really causing me unneeded turmoil. Which in someone elses case that could be really bad for their mental and emotional stability. I think there just needs to be alot more sensativity training going on. They are very friendly but when it comes to having the patients best interest I have no clue where these women have their heads. You would think they weren’t trained to handle situations like such, smh.

Hopefully the morning will bring much much better news…side notice: in search of a new job seeing as though it’s 4 days to surgery I can search around while I’m out. It’s just too hot and stressful at that job. I need something more relaxed and more

Until my next random thoughts come….



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