22 years of waiting, 6 months of litigation, and finally approved surgery

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Bilateral Salpingo Oopherectomy, Insurance, Mastectomy, Peri Areola, Pre-op, TLH-BSO, Top Surgery, Total Laprocopic Hysterectomy, Transgender, update

So today as I waited since last week to call insurance seeing as though last Thursday I called my surgeons office to make sure things where staying on point. After the last mix up I am on top of them more so nothing will happen like that again. So I first called insurance to see whats what. Seeing as they are they ones who give the nay or yay on surgery being paid for its only right to speak directly top the source. I get the lady on the phone after a million prompts, what happen to press 0 for customer service?

Well I ask about my prior authorizations for surgery she says she sees 3 in the system for me. 2 for Dr. Weiss and 1 for Dr. Rodriguez, at this point im excited this is better then before but why 2 for Weiss? So I explain what had happened with the withdraw and she confirms thats what happened and apologizes for the mix up seeing as though insurance could have also took the initiative to notify me of the missing documents. Well she goes over the information and she says, “Everything seems to be good to go”. I immediately asked her to clarify what that meant and she says “Your clear for coverage from June 2nd until Aug 31st for both surgeries”. I almost dropped my phone at that point happy as ever. She proceeds to tell me to make sure i get my pre op test a week prior and then finally enjoy my weekend.


So surgery for me is hysto first then top surgery whenever they get the memo. I knew they wouldnt know just yet they need official notice and since its a holiday weekend some people aren’t even in the office and wont be back until Tues morning. And as i suspected the clinical nurse who speaks with the dr’s about approvals was no where to be found to give the green light. it’s all good next week I’ll have a date. Hell then on top of that Tues. I go for my hysto pre-op exam..I cant freaking wait. Marks exactly a week til the procedure 8D…I have to say this is the best day since I started T lol.



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