Surgery+Insurance = annoyed: If it’s not one thing its another ughhh

Posted: May 14, 2010 in Changes, Insurance, Pre-op, Top Surgery, Transgender, update

So after harassing insurance for several days I find out 2 things about my top surgery 1 the date was set for June 2nd and 2 the case had been withdrawn. So I immediately called the top surgeons office to inquire what in the world was going on. Come to find out they didn’t have my new number and needed another letter from a medical provider stating that I was clear for surgery. So instead of freaking emailing me like they should have they withdrew the funds for surgery. She tells me get the letter to her and she’ll fax it in.

I get mad then I pray…2.5 secs later im calling every one i know for a letter. And as usual the main person is there to save my ass again. He gets it done quick and faxes it to them immediately. The papers are in and then she says, we just have to wait for it to clear.

No one freaking mention when she withdrew the claim that voided out everything which restarted the wait process soooooo guess what? after almost 2 months of waiting for approval im back at day one of waiting for approval alll over again which in turn screwed me out of my surgery date of June 2nd. Thats in 3 weeks ughhh.

I swear whats the sense of asking for all possible contacts and not use it? So its whatever im just waiting now and from there we shall see about this hsyto that I need 2 letters for that I’ll get them on Monday.



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