Lifes updates: I’m 22 now :)

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Bottom Surgery, Changes, DHT, Metiodioplasty, Pre-op, Pumping, Transgender, Urethral Extention, Vaginectomy

Well today was a good day so far. Yesterday was my birthday, the big deuce deuce(22). Ironically it was a good day I spoke with my grandmother who is in Hawaii with my dad. I had to thank her again for the wonderful gift and she let me know I should have something in the mail for my birthday as well, that is one gifting women lol love her to death lol. I guess it’s true grandparents spoil the grand babies first, sometimes i wish I was still the only grand kid I was for 18 years then my uncle wants to have kids blah lol.

They invited me out there to visit soo that was a birthday gift as well, and my step mom said she’s taking me to the clubs. Not sure how I feel about partying with parental figures lol. I really don’t associate with my father like that so hey looks like he’s coming around for the better I wouldn’t mind getting my relationship back fully with him. He didn’t even know he was talking to me when my grandma handed him the phone. He was like “WOW, your voice is deeper then Jeff’s (my uncle)”, my voice is deeper then his as well think that surprised him even more lol. His wife was actually the first person to tell me happy birthday. Unlike his previous women I think I like her a lot better she’s keeping him grounded just don’t know what it is with Virgo’s they need guidance when it comes to love. The last spouse he had that I got along with was when I was about 8 and thats only because she was around since I was a baby, for a while I thought she was my mom hell mine wasn’t around like that lol. I also spoke to my mom she’s doing well which im proud about she hasn’t had the greatest track record, she still does irritating ass things but she’s getting better. I told her about bottom surgery she “says” she’s going to help given past circumstances I’ll just factor her in as a maybe for now and not going to get my hopes up.

I got CPR and First AID certified on Monday so now I’m just waiting on my transcripts with my new name and need to get a new ID as well. Once I have this I can go back to my employer and get my placement. they have about 60 different security contracts within the city none starting less then $9/hr so hopefully before the first the job will be under weigh. i like the agency a lot they are very professional, all the stuff I have to have in order to get the best placed jobs ($14-19/hr) is intense and somewhat time consuming but it’s allowing me to get things in order that I needed to do and get anyway. So it’s like the push i needed.

Gotta get that good old NYS ID with my nice new happy M on it, my ID has said my name for years just not the M which most days no one pays attention to it any how and if they do I tell them my ex works at the DMV hence the F they laugh it off and keep going. This will help me be able to get my NYS Security license which means another pay increase. I’m keeping my NJ ID as well I have to renew that this month as well with a nice fat M on it which I have been able to do since April but just haven’t gotten around to it just yet. So that’s in the works so I can get this new job. But I’m not stressing it everything has been falling in place nicely. I’m going to get my passport after Top/Hysto Surgery (which is soon just waiting on things to clear and consult with the urologist/gynecologist doing the hysto) so that way there’s no issues with Male being on there and I don’t have to bother with a temp passport Hell I won’t even have to report me having bottom surgery because by then all my records including BC will reflect me as 100% MALE. I could get the passport now BUT patience is virtue and I have learned this first hand it is all falling into place with me just asking for it and believing in the fact it will happens sounds crazy to some but it has gotten me to this point so far.

Surgery wise:

Well I woke up this morning with a nice email from Dr. Marta (Dr Handling Patients and scheduling) going over some important details of surgery so that I know exactly what I need to get out the way and paid. Here’s a little over view of what Im going to be paying. It was kinda funny I was asking some other guys how scheduling went so when I emailed her I just left the window of available dates open even though in my mind I have always had a specific date, Dec 9th. To my big surprise that is exactly what date they would like to schedule me for, if that isn’t a green light that this is definitely destiny I really don’t know what else is. The 9th is very important number I started T on the 9th, Karpi did as well, I found out about getting bottom surgery on the 9th, also going into 2011 my son will be 9. I’m a big numerology man so I look to numbers for a lot of things. Matter fact I used to break down birthdays and ages for everyone close to me and by doing simple math I find that everyone that I hold close the sums of digits relating to them equals dates in my life such as my birthday, my age, or even down to the time I was born. Numbers tell a lot of stories.

But anyway I want to share with you what Dr. Marta told me, I know Dr. Miro’s prices have been shared but for those of you with hysto or vaginectomy prior to lower surgery will want to know more about the adjusted prices. Without hysto during surgery it shaves about 2+K off of the actual price.


price = $14,694.76 total for surgery

Surgery: $13,779.62 or 10000 EUR

Implants: $1074.63 or 780 EUR

10% of surgical fee + price of implants for deposit: $2452.59 or 1780 EUR


12 day stay AFTER release from the hospital

-Leave the 7th, early in the morning or mid day.
*There is a 6 hour time difference with the EST not days. The easiest way to figure travel is calculate the time of the flight in your time zone then add the time difference.

Ex. Leaving at 6 am would put me in Belgrade at 4 pm EST.
6 am + 10 h flight = 4 pm
4 pm + 6 h time difference = 11 pm CET

-Arrive 1 day before (Dec 8th)

-Surgery Dec 9th 2010 (YAY!)

-4 days in the hospital, dependent upon normal recovery (9th-13th)

-12 days recovery stay (13th-24th)

-Return on the 13th day (Dec 25th. Can you say merry xmas to me, with a nice shiny new pair of nuts lol 8D)

apt pricing for recovery =

60 EUR a night x 12 nights + 14% Tax = 820.80 EUR or $1118.36
*Only 1 guest is included in the above price, only 2 guest are permitted to accompany you the second guest is EXTRA.

*Just an FYI, my surgery planning chart is live in real time so as I save you can watch the prices decrease if you want to check in on my progress as well. *

So in total surgery + stay is no more then $15,813.12, I say the trip is well worth the cost and still cheaper then staying in the US. YAY for me lol.

As far as paying goes it is through transfer and/or I can choose to depost the money into the proper Bank Of America Account, how convenient. So so far things are looking great for surgery. I have my date, just need to get this deposit in To make things 100% non reversible and lock in.

Thanks for all the support and def. thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday. That’s the most I’ve gotten EVER 8D.



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