The best bday gift ever: Surgery PT 3- the unexpected twist

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Bottom Surgery, DHT, Metiodioplasty, Post-op, Transgender, update, Vaginectomy

So the day starts like any other wake up water my plants make orders for my customers then back to researching on lower surgery. I have been asking for some kind of help with finding out who and where I should go. In my heart I always knew I wanted to go to Miro but the money I have isn’t making that happen.

So I get an email from my grandmother about NJ license renewal sent to her house and she needs my new address. So I send here a little bit of an update on whats going on with me and how I’m having conflicts with what bottom surgeon I wanted to go with. She’s really laid back and cool for 60, (if you want to know why I’m the man I am she raised me lol) so I sent her links to all the Dr’s and I asked her to pick for me. Well not to my surprise she did and it was who I wanted to go to since 2005 (Miro) so that helped alot but not only did she do that she gave me the best b-day gift I never even asked for. this is what her response was to my savings break down:

“I’m glad for the update. I have a CD that you are beneficiary to. I have to change the name on it. If you want it for your surgery, that’s fine with me. It’s for 10k, and I can have it for you by Dec. Also, I have a friend from Belgrade and she might be able to help you with accommodations there. Grandma”

As I type this let it be known this grown man is in sissy tears and I don’t give a damn either. I love my grandmother to death, when i came out as trans she was the FIRST person I told. When I need to go to groups and dr’s appts even though she didn’t know what for yet she made sure I got there and wasnt in the house depressed. The woman who has kept me fed every day for the past 2 years I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

This is my best b-day gift ever i dont care if I never get another thing in my life this took the cake and ran 10 thousand miles with it.

Oh and did I mention today was month 19? I almost forgot my damn self lol

So now It is off to schedule consult with Miro, goodness I can’t believe I can actually say that shit. You have no idea how good that feels. 2010 is really really my year and its being proven left and right. Now it’s off to make phone calls I got some happy tears to share lol.



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