Moving Forward: Surgery

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Bilateral Salpingo Oopherectomy, Changes, Mastectomy, TLH-BSO, Total Laprocopic Hysterectomy

Well quick update….

Feb 1st 2010, I’m officially cleared for surgery!

I went to see my therapist today and after a brief 30 min conversation and a few hints as to what I wanted today he simply said “I know your more then ready I just needed you to know it.” I was ecstatic and still am I just kept reading it over and over kinda surreal and it’s properly addressed to my surgeon.

It looks like my birthday month is beginning to turn out just as planned. 8D

Now on another note I see my PCP weds for some results she got from my blood work dealing with the hysto issue, hopefully she tells me I don’t need the ultrasound I just need a hysto lol. But if not I have to go to my ultrasound the 5th still not looking forward to that crap but I gotta do what I must.

I’m just glad things are really looking up for me….that is all lol



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