Consult….ahhh sweet victory

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Mastectomy, Metiodioplasty, Peri Areola, Post-op, Pre-op, Top Surgery, Transgender, update, Urethral Extention, Vaginectomy

So In about an hour I’ll be leaving for my consult. I feel like a surgeon whore lol, this will be my 5th or 6th consult. You know some people find that strange but I just see it as good shopping sense. Do you go in to the store and just buy the first thing you see? NEVER you shop around to fit your needs. I mean I do have to live with my chest at least another 50-60 years I’m hoping so I want and need it to suit me.

Not that any of the doctors are bad that I have seen they are all seen as “the best” BUT with a factual grasp on reality no one is the best. It’s only who is the best for you, sometimes we lose sight of that.

The Dr. i’m seeing is well known, well to those that aren’t newly researching transition he is well known. Before transster was down there was a lot of his work on there, now you can rarely find it one of those names that disappeared with Dr. Readon. He’s one of those names that faded off with the Garramone/Brownstien hype but hey that just means more room for me to get what I need because its less people in his office lmao. I won’t say his name due to a few reasons but I will say his reputation and experience is a long as the Constitution lmao but i assume that comes with the territory of being a park ave surgeon. He’s been doing surgery since before a good 65% of us on the mensroom were even born, i find confidence in that as well.

I will be seeing him for gyneocamastia cuz right about now im working with big pecs lol. But we shall see either way i want to be purse stringed to remove the excess skin.

So far the office staff make me want to marry them lmao. the are that awesome and caring i love it. Out of all the consults I feel the most at home just speaking to them over the phone. Oh not to mention the Dr. corresponds with me nightly (well after office hours) when I have any questions as well as the office staff is prompt to pick up during office hours. Matter fact the first email I sent to him was xmas eve, he sent me a wonderful xmas gift of a fee waived consultation :). Yes he replied on CHRISTMAS, who does that? I love it lol.

I have been patiently waiting for something to happen and im glad we crossed paths. Something are meant to happen for certain reason and just because you may not know the exact reason doesn’t mean that is not your path. Follow your heart a little with the use of your own mind and success will be shown. Trust me its already written it’s just waiting for you to pick up and get in gear.

OHHH and before I forget, the added bonus! Not only will I consult for top surgery today but I get to link up with a local urologist that can handle my hysto, vaginectomy, and Meta. Now you see why my xmas went from shit on wheels to heaven in a handbag lol. Like i said things always happen for a reason, I was trying to be showed something but never given more then I can handle the ways of the world.

I love my decision to move to NYC, I should’ve came home a lot sooner but I was scarred from my brother passing away. Too close to be reminded, but I know i’m making him very very proud as well as our older brother they are both watching out for me now. The last of the 3 musketeers but ima make the most of it.

Thanks to all of my big and little brother that have been keeping me sane. love you guys like a fat kid loves cake 8D

pt 2 when i come home…


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