Consult….ahhh sweet victory pt 2

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Changes, Double Incision, Mastectomy, Peri Areola, Post-op, Pre-op, Top Surgery, Transgender, update

So my day was extremely eventful…. 8D

I got to the Dr’s office after getting confused as shit. His office address says one thing but where the actual office is its a whole nother damn street lmao. Then the front door was confusing as hell lmao felt like a mouse in a cage for about 5 mins going in circles. So I get upstairs and felt like I was in something outta the surgery documentaries for the people in hollywood. Plain white halls and suites with a high tech surgery center attached, it was really neat and the added touch of security was awesome.

I finally get in the office and meet the wonderful reception team, well after I flirted with the one at the window for a sec hey what can i say I gotta thing for Hispanic women lol. I’ve talked to her a few times so putting a face with the voice was awesome. They were all ready for me with papers to sign, sat down took about 10 mins not like I had to rush i was the only one in the office which was cool. Gave me time to look at all the credentials he has. After handing them in it took maybe about hmm 10 more mins before the receptionist took me back to room 3. I find it ironic due to the fact before my brothers passed I was the baby so that meant I was musketeer number 3 lol.

The room was cool comfortable and up to date, better then any of the ones I was in prior. Those exam rooms look more like the reg docs office. This room looked like a in office procedure could be done so that was neat.Sat there long enough to send out a few IM’s then the Dr. came in. Professionalism but made it personal. Extended a hand and said “so i finally get to meet my online pen pal” lol classic. He’s an older guy but extremely personal-able and made things extremely relaxed.

He starts to go over my questions fully that I asked him online. He goes over my medical history as well as my transgender history and how I felt about myself and where I am now in my life. It’s strange it didn’t feel like an interrogation I could tell he had a general interest which meant a lot to me. Some Dr’s can be so cold or are “just doing their job” so this was a plus on his positives. He also referred me to that Urologist as promised so I will be contacting him in the morning to see whats what. After everything was discussed in extreme detail he prompted me to take the “ass out” gown lol and put it on for the exam.

He left and then came back in with the nurse. She was really nice as well. I was expecting the standard look squeeze and clothes back on. Oh no was I surprised, the nurse took the pen and took her post and the doctor then explained what he was getting ready to do. He measured my chest. Center to pec line, nipple to nipple, nipple size. I have male sized nipples so that made me happy really, he’s the second Dr. to state that. I inquired about this and he uses the measurements for pre-surgery planning. that was pretty neat instead of getting drawn on. Then after that he asked about my exercising habits and went to do for the lack of a better choice of words the squeeze and feel test. He said my chest was just glands really no fatty tissue at all which was a good thing for the procedure the only concern was maybe or maybe not having a little excess skin. I told him this was fine actually due to the fact I plan on gaining a bit of weight and building my chest up, so if I did need a slight revision it would be at least a 6 months after so I have time to hit p90x. Lastly the nurse tags me with a name tag sticker and took pictures of my chest for my chart. Then it was over that quick…

The Dr. said he would be glad to do my surgery and expects the results to be wonderful. I really can’t freaking wait. The visit was awesome and I left like a big ass kid in a candy store with a Chester cheese smile lol. This is def. my choice of where I want to go and I’m sticking to it lol.

So now off to get my therapist to sign off on some things and then I’ll be back to the doctor to set things up. This is an awesome feeling if I do say so myself 🙂

After my day of events I ended it with meeting up with my big bro. It was really cool hanging with him really cool and laid back dude my type of brother. Had some good convo and got a bite to eat then headed home. Thanks again bro for letting me share my excitement with you. Don’t sweat nothing on your end man in due time and you know im here when you need.

I’m glad things are getting better for me I’ve been in a bit of a hole for quite sometime. 8D

More to come later



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