WHEW… Sign of relieve NOW wtf is going on though!? Follow up Dr’s Appt.

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Bilateral Salpingo Oopherectomy, Changes, DHT, Growth, Metiodioplasty, Post-op, Pre-op, Pumping, Transgender, update

So I went in nervous as ever like i was a teen aged mother with a pregnancy test lmao. But reluctantly my Dr. met me with a smile so I kinda gauged from there everything was ok. She actually took the time on a day she normally see now one and read over my results. Then takes another day where she normally doesn’t see anyone and see me to read me my results. She is the best Dr. I’ve had ummmmmmmm my whole life lmao and i don’t even like Dr’s like that lol.

As needed to hear I do not have cancer *does the happy dance Napoleon Dynamite style lmao*, but she does think there is 2 different issues going on that can either be related to each other or completely different occurrences altogether. Since the damn clinic don’t have an ultrasound open til feb 5th, which ticked my dr off a bit, we can’t go in to see if it’s fibriods or cysts but I do know its still a festering pain in my ass. So for now we shall play the guessing game, for the blood in my urine she is treating it as a UTI just to see it it will clear up so horse pills for 10 days how sexy lol. The other issue we just kinda have to wait it out, she said she knows its an issue because the pain is now leaving me tender on that side. Yea could’ve told her that I cant even sleep on that side or my stomach unless I’m already knocked out and then 9 times out of 10 im gonna wake up 3-4 times a night. BLARGH!!!

well whatever at least im not gonna need chemo or anything so I can deal with the pain until further notice i suppose

Side note:

I was so excited about not having cancer I decided to pick up where i left off making customized FTM pumps…for more info just message me im working on the website now but orders are welcome. For those that know me well know im good with my gadgets and they work better then most store brought pumps.



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