Sooo almost 365 days ago I began my physically journey to becoming the man I have always felt like I was. A lot has changed and a lot of people have come and gone but all in all my experiences that I have shared with my brothers can not be measured at all.

They say the LGBT community is lacking which is true in many many ways but I think with all the recent FTM commotion and what have you it has been a bad thing but at the same time good and I’ll explain.

The reason I feel it was good for the light to be turned on was that I think it helped a lot of guys come out. They seen that “hey im not the only one” and with that happening it has lead a lot of us to this very site. And with coming here I think we are starting to strengthen the once silent T. There always comes a time for major change I think we have hit that point.

It just goes to show within this year on T the state my ID is from changed policies on gender markers so that I can be male with no issues. Is that ironic or what? Also we are starting to see that we have to build within in order for the rest of the word to catch on. Such companies as TranZwear understand that need and are making the effort to build our trans-community.

For those that know me know I have eons of ideas….some which are getting ready to surface that I am very proud of and others that lay dormant in the fire pit until its ready to be served on a silver platter to the world.

Im not too sure why the hell im nervous about a year. It came soooooo fast, I swear I still remember Kapri telling me to shut up and take my very first shot. It seems like just yesterday, which at times I wish it was I miss my bro more then ever. But I know he is not missing out on anything, he’s seen me grow into the man I am and I know he is more then proud of his little brother. And I’m going to continue to make him proud as little brothers should.

A year from now I will be healing from top surgery which just feels sooooo past surreal. It’s either Dr. B(not brownstien) or Dr. C the main thing is travel one is on the other side of the freaking country and one is here in this state. BUT i love Dr. C’s results and I speak to him quite often as I check in with him and keep him updated on changes that are going on with my chest. So I just have to decide whether I want to take a road trip or not, anyone that has their money up by then that wants to carpool let me know theres already 2 others going so far so let me know. They are $300 in difference so price im not too worried about as of right now unless the economy does some backwards ass shit in the next year. If I do use Dr. B we are going to have to work out somethings because I want to be under only once unless I absolutely have to do a revision. Me and my bros have a consult with him on the 6th so I will def be talking to him about all my issues then.

I will also be a married man next year, well technically this year because we are getting married first so she can change her and my sons ID’s and what not. Yes it is officially official July 2009. Like no one knows how excited I am for this. Most men my age run from commitment but this is something I’ve always wanted. She works my ever lasting nerves and we do have our issues but when it all comes down to it thats my rock. She’s dealt with all my transition and has been my biggest motivator. When I got fed up and couldn’t take it anymore she was always there telling me be patient and things will happen. I’d be a fool to let her walk out of my life so I gotta make her mine. I just think GF’s are over rated, a grown man needs a wife by his side not a girl. For my bros that want to know more now just hit me up but until then we wont be sending out invites till Jan maybe Feb. If you want to know the place all I’m going to say is bring your trunks and some sun tan theres going to be a lot of beach and pretty water ALOHA!

Does anyone else have a transition timeline? well shit I do Im about right where i want to be. My cheeks are going back in bit by bit and getting longer and thicker. which is cool but irritating cuz it itches like i got something on my freaking face lol.

But my next step in transition is this gender marker. Now there’s 2 ways I can go with it. I think I can do it in VA with my NJ ID but im not sure how much hassle they will give me with out having my name change papers and such. OR I can carry my ass to NJ DMV and just have them do it once the flipping doc decides he wants to fill out the form. What you all think? Oh and does anyone know how you get papers from the court without being in that state? I realllllllllllllllllllllllly dont want to have to go all the way to NY if I don’t have to.

Besides transition im doing pretty well…just trying to get my company and frat in stone so everyone stay tuned for that.



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