FTM transition and surgery sponsorship

Posted: May 29, 2009 in Changes, post t, Pre-op, Top Surgery, Transgender, update

After a fellow transman read a blog of mine I was asked if i would like to be sponsored to help raise money for my surgery. The company is called TranZwear, they make FTM specialty briefs…so no jockstraps, no packy holders, or anything. There is a special packy pocket made fitted into your briefs you just put your packer in and go. Once I receive mine I will be making a full youtube to show all the features in detail. Can you please do the favor of helping to spread the word to the bros, or SOFFA’s or anyone willing to help. IF you plan on attending DENVER PRIDEFEST and see TranZwear most def. mention my name.

This is EXTREMELY important to me. For every purchase that is made using my name (Antoyneo) I get $2.00 towards surgery. This was a blessing for me to have this offered.

Here is the site link to their site:


I really really really need you and every other brother out there to help on this one. I’m not really a club or ball person but if you are on the scene you can help promote this for me.

They sponsor 1 transman a year so once mine is up (may 2010) they will be looking for another so that is incentive for those that are seeking a way to the next level.

So twitter this, blog this, print it out and hand it out, any and everything you can think of please do to get the word out about this. BUT PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO MENTION ANTOYNEO. That is the only way i will get credit.

Thank you in advance.


I have 15% off coupons as well you can just leave me a message and i’ll get back to you

  1. ben says:

    hey bro is this still on?…who is the candidate for this year i realy need this for ma bottom surgery im due for my top this feb21

  2. krizel says:

    i want to be a transguy. .plz ch0ose me. . im n0t taking T c0z of financial prob. please do help me. .
    im fr0m philippines

  3. parker says:

    hello, is this still active? im trans and looking for a sponsor for my surgery. please please email me

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