I finally am a working man…I start on the 27th of this month…Its great same week the Nascar races will be at my job. Damn that feels good to say..MY JOB.

Im 3700 away from surgery now so with this job and the lil help I’m getting from other man I should be there in no time god willing. week 44 shot 40 and 307 days on T…things are starting to look up. And please believe I still do my little side gigs here and there when i get the time so its better then nothing.

I know some people were asking me if the jobs pay well there is your proof that they do and it’s no bullshit…I’m not the bullshitting type of dude as is.

I should be starting a new workout regime by the end of the week Im going to be investing in Isopure Mass supplements…I can’t wait my biggest issue is weight and mass gain. I get depress due to lack of top surgery and tend to not eat. But my bro has steered me in the right direction and is being a big motivational piece to me to get me heading back in the right direction.

I’m going to try and make it up to NJ in a few weeks def before July so I can get my gender marker changed…ahhhh I can not flipping wait. I think that will relieve some more stress. Today is my day to record on mensroom youtube…everyone make sure you check us out over there…


We are always looking for guys to share their stories…we have only 2 simple requirements…so def if your interested let us know.

And besides that im just up at 1:13 being fat lmao…peaceeeeeee


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