Progress with Transition donation

Posted: May 4, 2009 in Changes, post t, Pre-op, Sub-Q, Top Surgery, Transgender, update

So today I got a donation of $100 towards my top surgery…this is cool sooo soo cool. So now i just need 39 more pl to donate $100 or 199 people to donate $20. Thats my goal but really anything donated is much appreciated.

It was a blessing to find a good doctor but at a good price. So hopefully I will get to where I want to be within this year.

If you would like to help out you can donate safely here at

I will be on my 10th month of T in 5 days…it’s definitely been a journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I do how ever wish I did it a lot sooner, but i digress.

NJ just passed law where I can finally get rid of this flipping F on my ID zues it’s about time. Life seriously is going to be a lot lighter for me after getting that changed. Then with Top surgery every other document can match. I can’t wait I really can’t. I have been here 3 weeks and things seem to be looking up so much.

I still have not found a job but like I said it’s only been 3 weeks. Hopefully it will be something I can do soon, sitting around as easy as it sounds is depressing. It’s like I could have done things so much faster without feeling like a charity case. But its like at times I feel its just my good Karma for being there for others when things like the above happens.

This new injection technique of SubQ is pretty cool. It stung at first but I think that was just my bodies first reaction but after that it was cool. Took 2 days for the liquid to subside but it is fine now and I actually feel no different. They said something about my sex drive not being as spiked but actually it is about the same as it has normally been for the past 10 months. They did say it should put more facial hair on me well my facial hair is coming in nicely before the shot. I don’t if it’s the T being SubQ or if it’s just what it already had planned but I did notice in the mirror today that the hairs actually on the front of  my chin are poking through. AWESOME!!! My mom actually told me it fit me well. That definitely put a smile on my face.

Well I guess I’ll stop talking you guys to death and watch some T.V.



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