2009 almost 6 months

Posted: January 4, 2009 in Changes, Discrimination, Dysphoria, Growth, POC = People Of Color, post t, Pre-op, Top Surgery, Transgender, update

Nothing too much major going on its a new year and time for new things. Im glad I came into the 09 as a brand new person, shot 21 on the 31st and how cute I turn 21 in about a month and a half. Completely legal how lovely now I can do what I’ve been doing since 12…legally…lmao.

No but a more serious note I need to figure out which career I’m going to take up first after I get these transcripts switched over. Its just alot to switch over but it’s all worth it. I can’t wait until everything is final tehn I’m not going to have a thing to worry about. Not that I really do now I blend in like the average young man as well as get strereotyped like the average young black male. Some what interesting to see but hell pre-t it was like that before because I passed so well no one could even tell the difference.

Like now people that never knew just think I’m finally letting my facial hair grow I’ve always had a mustache so that was nothing new…lol. Just have enough to coat my face to keep a brother warm…but as I said before I’m joining the beard club and going on strike until it’s how I want it. SO sue me…lol

I think for progress Im doing excellent so far a lot of guys don’t see this much progress until after a year or so. I started a new workout so I am starting to get bigger this is really amazing to see. It happens so damn quick I need to invest in my free weights but I don’t want to do so until we move down to Dallas at the end of the month. Oh yeah thats the other thing Dallas here I come yeehay…lmao…naw I can’t wait I missed texas and all my buddies missed me too.

So soon I shall be writing from D-town:D


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