on the 9th was 4 months and damn looking at last months mark and looking at this months pic compared thats a lot of damn hair that came out of no where….lol…wonder what I’ll look like next month on the 9th.

I will be going out of 08 on my 21st shot the day before chirstmas and coming into 09 as a new man. I will be celebrating my 21st birthday the first birthday in 21 yrs as the person I truly genuinely have always been and i can’t wait. I also think its kinda cool i’ll be 5 months away from a year on T. Damn time flys….

I’m just hoping in someones power i get up this money for top…anyone know a loaner that will lend to someone with a 422 credit score? I hate not having insurance cuz thats where that bs comes from. so i’ll just pray 4 now n hope it comes my way.



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