Shot 12

Posted: October 29, 2008 in bathroom passing, Changes, post t, Transgender, update

I have def been thru a lot in the pass month or so so i feel somewhat drained but I’m def trying to pull back together for the best. Today was shot 12 and I finally got the demon cam to work so I’m back on the tuber…lmao.

Yesterday was the first day I got my facial hairs on cam and it was really exciting. Not like just feeling them for myself but knowing that they are present to the rest of the world is just amazing. My whole trip to STL i never got maam’d at all not even a question when i walked into the mens room in DC. It was just so freeing felt so good to just be one of the guys. FINALLY….

I’m making another long needed 16 week video tonight so def stay tuned. I have decided to only put up pictures in 3 month increments, makes the tracking and progress is a lot better. I love the real me


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