SCC Next Year? Well maybe

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Changes, Discrimination, Growth, politics, post t, Transgender, update

I have officially broke down the payment for next year and I believe this should work out pretty well. We are going to start saving now and sending the money in early so we can have the place reserved.

I can’t wait I have heard so many good things, I just can’t wait to see how many POC are going to be there. Also by then I will be in NC so it will def. be in driving distance.

I have finally stop kidding myself and put myself on time out and had the patience talk with myself. I wanted so many things to happen RIGHT NOW, but reality has shown me that is not a possibility due to finances. I want to go back to school for psych. and have my top surgery…but don’t know which will come first. Top is actually less expensive then school so hell that maybe what happens first, seeing as though I am not big up top I am considering just Lipo with just a nipple revision, if needed. But this is def after being on T for at least a year, I want to have worked my muscles to the best potential and tighten the skin as much as I can to give the best results.

Health insurance has declined in this country so it’s hard as all hell for me to get insured. They actually told me in one state I had to have biokids, be Mentally, or physically disabled; mind you I had a visibly broken had when I was declined for Medicaid. Then McCain is on this BS  $5000 advance for private insurance, how about off top anything I have going on right now will not be covered, especially private insurance who has premiums that are out of freaking control. What it $5000 going to do for me and my family? What the hell does he have to say about that one? McCain is working for corporate America, not for the American people how the hell does he expect to get the vote like that?

We have officially considered moving out of country. Locations consist of Amsterdam, London, England, etc…places where they still speak English. Also for me over there things would be a bit easier, amazing how this is the land of the free and the home of the brave but my freedom has been stunted for being brave and being myself. Crazy isn’t it?

Just a little random rant and rave, just took shot 9 and about to go to bed. Def. had to vent sometimes if I can’t speak to others then I use my site to do so.

But until next time…



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