3 month early update

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Changes, Growth, ID Changes, post t, SSN Changes, Transgender, update

So hows the world? Good I’m assuming…well now im just waiting on the 14th so I can get that good old petition signed by the judge stating the change is good to go. SO ecstatic!!!

I have been upped on my dose of T to a full 1, yayyyyy. So now it’s .5 every week, I’m just going to switch between cheeks cuz the right one is a bit sore…lmao. But I did notice so far that this is helping with a lot of my hair growth. Woke up this morning with chins hairs all over. I thought I was gonna be one of the guys where the hair takes forever to be seen but my friends say they already see it. My voice is still doing that hi and low crap which sucks for the musical part of my life, so i’m going to learn how to produce in the mean time…this ought to be interesting.

I have completely fallen in love with the mens room….all the brothers on there are too super cool. If Im having a personal issue seeing as many are older then I they are able to tell me from their personal knowledge, something a doctor wouldn’t have anything but context knowledge you know. Thats what I like the brotherly help in the community.

Speaking of my actual Apparel site has it’s own space on my site as well as you can tell by looking at the above tabs. I am still updating graphics weekly, and also looking for designers looking to get their ideas out there. so def. get at me asap.

Oh and before I forget my cam’s recording side is jack so I can still take pics but no record for real, so soon as I do Im going to be on the tuber again. And pictures on here I have decided to keep the world in suspense to the exact month mark then post all the pics I took during that month. Just makes it easier for me to keep up with ya know. So after the 9th of this month you’ll get no new pics until Nov 9th.

Which by then I will have been officially moved by the way woot woot…new place, more money, better living, and away from the eastcoast bs. Through my lovely research and networking on the mensroom I have found a clinic in the same town that Transfriendly so i’m all over it. Hopefully I can get medicaid, but if not the visit are out of pocket.  Hopefully they have sliding scale they didn’t specify but I will see.

And I would like to take this time to just say “THANK YOU” to ever and all of you that have helped me and are still helping me get to where I need to be especially “Mom” and all of my big bros yall know who you are…I love you all dearly and a lot of you keep me motivated to stay on the right path and stay strong because in the end of all this I WILL be happy. Struggle is sometimes needed to achieve success, correct?

All in all im doing alright and until i write again stay blessed….



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