2 months on T and MD victory

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Changes, Discrimination, post t, Transgender, update

Now how ironic is it that on my 2 month mark of T, one of the states I have been working with finally wins the anti-discrimination. This law will protect many like myself in the state of MD. I am so happy I could be apart of this. But here is the add take a look guys. And please go to the get involved link and see the different causes around the nation and the world.

Transgender Anti-Discrimination Law Protected

Today Maryland?s highest court ruled in favor of Lambda Legal and against a referendum petition that threatened to block a transgender anti?discrimination law in Montgomery County. In order to address discrimination against transgender individuals, the Montgomery County Council unanimously passed an act in 2007 that added gender identity to the county?s civil rights law.

Lambda Legal, together with Equality Maryland, represented concerned Montgomery County registered voters. We are very proud that we successfully protected this important anti?discrimination law.

Read more about this exciting victory on our website today and later this week in Lambda Legal?s eNews! Our work never stops. Victories like this require the support of people like you ? donate today!



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