Shot 4 and YouTube Documenting

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Changes, POC = People Of Color, post t, Transgender, update


Today I took shot number 4 I am def. feeling so much better about myself. I have also scheduled my appt. with the lawyers to put in for my good old name change. I can’t wait to finally legally have that on paper so everyone can stop calling me that name I hate so freaking much. Also I have decided to take up a new way of life, so my cipher will be filled with so many new things and people I can’t wait.

I have started my YouTube documentation series. There were next to no men of color on YouTube documenting their transition. Truly understanding some are in stealth for health, mental, or personal reasons but for others that just don’t share its some what not fair to the next man. So I have took it upon myself to document, which also spark an idea I had on having a group of guys that don’t mind documenting meet up and have a group and just record our meet up discussion and have that on YouTube. Because I know that is a reason some guys just don’t have access to comps and cameras like that so thats understandable.

Here’s one of my videos to take you straight to my YouTube page(look to the blogroll the link is there), please feel free to support me, add me, and leave comments. I’m trying to start a movement and I need your help brothers.


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