I feel so much more confident…I can really say the T is molding me to be someone else I’m not used to. I finally feel within myself, I mean my temper is a lot less tolerant but at times I think that is something I need to let go of a lot of my past. So that my future as this new man can shine through with no issue but good ones.

The first and second shots I would sweat badly for about 5-10 mins then it would stop. I thought it was just my body adjusting and I was correct it was. This shot was like nothing even happened at all. It went really smoothly no issues at all. I have noticed the increased growth in hair already. I feel my face and just feel all the peach fuzz making its way through. I do actually have 4 hairs that have sprouted. It’s some what interesting to see. I can’t wait for the months to go by faster.

I have been gaining so much muscle its crazy but I’m loving every bit of it. Its amazing I’m approaching the month mark and it doesn’t even seem like that much times has gone by. I finally told my grandmother about who I am and was shocked to see that she was actually ok with this. That is one person I can count on to be there my granny no matter what.

I’m trying to get together a few willing guys now to start up a serious to promote the positive prospective of the black Trans-man. The facts need to be out there so that the ignorance can stop or at least be educated ignorance. So if your reading this saying I want to help or be apart please email me ASAP. This also goes for all SOFFA’s out there that have a story to tell on a loved one.

Now down to my name change. I have decided to stay up north for a little longer to get everything handled legally to  give me my rightful title, including my male gender marker. And also at the same time go back to school as this new man. I will be on this next week calling lawyers and getting things on the move.

So far so good shot 3 and I’m on my way. Can’t wait to show you guys how I look in the coming weeks. Until next time…


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