Most happiest day of my life but not the last 7-2-08

Posted: July 2, 2008 in post t, Transgender, update

I can’t believe it after all of these years of waiting finally it’s done and over with. Finally I can feel a little more accomplished a little less on the down side. I went in and got seen rest of my test are excellent in rating and I got my T script today and my whole world just went up in fireworks. It was the best feeling to have those 2 pieces of paper in my hand, gave me kind of a sense of authority. Now all I have to do is pay for the script ($49.95+6.00s+h=$55 at Stroheckers pharmacy) in the morning and the rest is up to the USPS. I should get it Monday hopefully and then its T day.

I wonder how I’m going to feel on that first shot, how different I will be with T cruising in my system. Am I gonna wanna work out, am I gonna want to just chill, am I gonna wanna do anything at all, am I gonna be grumpy or sleepy. Just a lot of questions running through my mind so many thoughts. I don’t know it wasn’t until I had those papers in hand did I have every question known to man pour into my dome like a rush. I wouldn’t say it’s nervousness more like anticipation for the following events. I can’t wait to see whats I’m going to look like, to finally see the real me that has been suppressed by my life. Bring it on….lol

Now the next step of business is to get that name change in because boy oh boy. Walking around with a girl name and being a whole grown man isn’t anything I care for lol. I finally found a cool friend that I can use her address in NY to get it done so I’m going to be on that asap. I’ve actually changed my mind on what exactly I want my name to be, well not really change just lengthened. I added the name Khalid not just because its cool but the meaning behind it is amazing, The boy’s name Khalid \k-halid, khalid\ is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is “immortal, eternal“. An ancient name. So i just thought this had to be the perfect name for me gives me something else to go by…lmao.

I just don’t know what else to say right now I’m just overly excited…lol. I do need to start looking into this surgeon in NY. She did my big brother’s Top surgery and it went good and also she offers reasonable financing so that even ppl with awful credit can get what they need done. Put money upfront (worst credit more money upfront) have surgery and make payments after wards to cover the rest of your surgery costs. So this maybe my only open for top surgery unless i hit the lotto…

I will be posting more precise pre-T information in a newly added page within the week so you can track my growths and things of that nature……

Well till next week I’ll be seeing you later.


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