Posted: June 25, 2008 in Changes, pre-t, Transgender, update

So today was the day everything was supposed to be set in stone but it just wasn’t that day started from the moment I woke up things were off…So I get ready after running around to find enough change to get the train. I get to the freaking train station and there I wait not 10 mins no no no not even 20 mins the train was an hour and 20 mins late. Mind you my appt. was at 12:30 so I was gonna be so late. So I get to the center its around 1:30 even though I still got seen I was kinda pissed still. So I go the centers workshop waiting on the doctor to come back and I get called into the office. So I’m all excited and amped cuz all I needed now was my physical and her to check my blood work. She goes to look for my blood work and its not all there so I have to take another set of work. Ughhhh I was soo pissed but this week coming I get the script. so its all good patience is a good thing.

So the July 2nd is the T day….im def. going to be posting new pics right before the shot and of the shot. Still debating on if Im going to shave everything and take pics of how it grows…that would be a little weird with no hair…lmao….but hey I may. Until next Tuesday I’m gone


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