Day before T discussion

Posted: June 24, 2008 in Changes, pre-t, Transgender, update

So tomorrow is the big day for me, a mixture of excitement and anticipation. I have been waiting on this for  a long time and now that its finally here i just don’t know what exactly to do with myself. Hopefully after this or during this visit I can get my script for T. So I can start next month and get rid of some of the negative feelings i been having.

Its like when I’m in public I feel self conscience of myself, even when I have my binder on and my packer in place it just still sometimes feels due to the lack of facial hair I’m still seen right through. Not all the time but sometimes, the majority of the time I get sir and mr. and all that good stuff. But with the facial hair coming in is going to be a big relief factor. I don’t know if its a mental thing but lately my voice has been dropping, more bass. The mind is a very powerful thing ya know…lol

So everyone has been talking about ways to pack and with what harnesses and all that good mess. Well for me that doesn’t seem to work out at all, for me a jockstrap serves the best purposes and theres a bit more of a freedom factor well from the well endowed point of view.

Then theres the binder situation, it works wonders but as far as being concealed its a pain in the ass. Its summer and i just want to walk around in a beater. Now some ppl have told me tape, but i think that might hurt a bit. Then theres the whole ace band thing and thats a whole another pain in the ass all together. So I’m gonna break out my creative bug and create something. Anyone have any suggestions?

Stay tuned for the results of tomorrow!!!


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