Posted: June 11, 2008 in Changes, pre-t, Transgender, update

So it was the day of all days, the first thing to start the official rebirth. So I get there like 10 mins late and im standing there forever, then they wanna try not to see me….lmao yea ok I told Kim and I was seen asap….thanks Kim.

So I had my blood work done my results will be back in 2 weeks and boy oh boy I can’t wait. I already have my next appt. in 2 weeks at 12:30 I’m soooo ready for it. Doc said I shouldn’t have any issues with getting my script. Even though I definitely going to ask to start off at 1 ML every 2 weeks, if not .5 every week. I hope I get my way I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Honestly I want to do it every week so I can feel like I’m accomplishing my goal.

Brought a new packer, don’t know bout yall but I like to size my own lmao. And the ones online don’t give too much of an option so I made way to the ville. I’m going to make it into a STP but still make it so it can be used for play if I wanted. I have been drawing somethings out so I’m gonna test a few things and see how it works out. With the ones I seen theres always extra something coming out of the ends, I’m not to found of that soooo im going to be making a new break through in research…lol. I’ll let you all know how it goes, post pics and stuff up to show the steps.


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