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Posted: May 24, 2008 in Changes, coming out, Discrimination, GID, Growth, pre-t, Transgender, update

Its the 24th, only 17 days away and I’m soooo excited to just get this over with. A lot of people keep asking me am I scared and things like that. Surprisingly even to myself I’m not even scared like that. I’m more excited then anything else, its just this anticipation thats freaking killing me I swear it. Some people don’t understand that this isn’t gonna be scary its more of a relief from all the pressure I have been going through, because it finally allows me to be who I am who I was born to be.

Everything else has been going pretty smooth. I still haven’t told my dad or my granny whats going on and I believe I’m going to wait until after the process gets under weigh. My dad wants me to come visit him this summer, now that kinda scares me seeing as though my voice changes would be going on. Hell and with my hairy ass body already I might be going through hair growth too. I’m trying to find a way around this cause thats gonna be kinda hard to explain in his face, damn judgmental Virgos….ughhh. Anyone got any suggestions on how to tell ya dad let me know asap.

On another note something that makes me happy is my job, official working on the HRC campaign. Its like yea I’m all fine and dandy when it comes to supporting the rights but at the same time when people think of HRC they think lesbian and gay rights forgetting all about the T at the end of LGBT. Hell depending on the community your in it might have different abbreviations but non the less no matter where you go and are they always seem to forget about us T men and women. So me working on the actual campaign now I am soooo going to be putting in my two cents and really push on issue that leave the T community out. Cuz right now they are working on the employment non discrimination act, which is cool but a lot of people forget about us. It’s easier to go into a place of employment as a lesbian/gay and have jobs and remain respected. As a T man or women you have to work a little harder to gain more respect due to there is already a lack of respect there because of who you are. Now don’t get me wrong not everyone is going to know or care but in the more corporate setting the ones that do background checks for up to 10 years, you know the questions are going to come up and the raised flags and eyebrows are sure to come. And I can hear my father now, “You already have so many odds against you, now your gonna have more against you”. Everything in life is a challenge so why not live it the way that I’m happy and stop living it the way that makes everyone else happy. Cuz if they had it their way I’d be feminine with a man and kids or some crazy ass shit of that nature.

And yet another note I have found this video makes you think a bit about that.

  1. Sean W says:

    “Everything in life is a challenge so why not live it the way that I’m happy and stop living it the way that makes everyone else happy”… that line right there is embedded on my tongue

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