One Month Countdown

Posted: May 11, 2008 in Changes, POC = People Of Color, pre-t, Transgender, update

Well it is exactly one month away til the official medical part of my journey starts. I’ve been waiting on this moment for so so so long and now that it’s 30 days away i don’t even know what to do with myself. Just to know that I’m days away from “rebirth” is just so overwhelming. But I cant wait til the process starts…hopefully buy pride i would have my first shot, man I cant hardly contain myself.

The transmasculine workshop was really really good, I really think there needs to be more of these nationally. Its like a lot of transmen get the info they need and rather not help the next by just simply coming out to a workshop. Sad thing is most have the mind set of if I go I’m outing myself, which isn’t really the case the people involved in the workshop are either TG themselves or are people that deal with trans people all the time. Just being there you are learning but also can share your experiences for those like myself who are just starting your journey. Yesterday I learned a lot of valuable information that I did not know of before then, one reason I want to start looking into becoming an activists myself also because I am moving to the Houston area at the end of the year. I have been doing some research in that area…they have somethings but nothing too much for the transmen and especially orientated to those of color.

Yes and about that when I say my site if focused towards men of color this doesn’t mean just African American or Latino, this means any many of any ethnic background that in mainstream society labels you as a minority. So lets just get that straightened out now


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