Are they fuccin serious?

Posted: May 4, 2008 in Discrimination, post t, Pre-op, Transgender, update

So my previous post shows my stepping stones that I thought I could share with the vast FTM community on here…lmao …yea right. You never truly know how many ppl dispise your success until you test the waters. If you take the time and decency to read my last post there is nothing in there demanding for anything I shared my personal goals with those who cared and those didn’t could surely read on about the rest of my milestones.

So for me doing this my post was erase saying it was solicitation? Oh really, could it be people are mad because one of their own is making progress. I don’t even wanna be called one of their own cuz none of my friends act like that. The experiences I have had within this space within the last week have been crap. Adherence to rules and regulations is one thing but to not have something stated and plainly go off and let others flame(which is stated as a no go in the rules need I add) is ok?

I don’t care to be associated with anal spiteful people because in turn you get no where. Someone responded to my post with the ignorance saying, “what makes you think you deserve money more then I do?” *raised brow* That statement right there for one…lol. It’s not asking for it, it’s not being deserving of it, it is my acts of selflessness that has taken me that extra mile. I do not complain when I have to help others, I do not bitch when my brothers get ahead of where I am even if they started behind me, I do not hesitate when I have to return the favor of gifting. Because everything and I mean everything you do turns tables on you in the end.

And with me stating that I will not be singled out because of my eagerness to share, because of others hatred towards my success (as little as it is that the crazy part), or due to simple misunderstanding (which are getting a little too back to back for me).

I have no idea if ppl are taking my kindness and and quietness for weakness but I know one thing for certain and 2 damn things for sure, this shit aint gonna fly. So if anyone does not like this post get off my page, If anyone has a problem with my success because you aren’t where I am and rather bitch then step up to the plate delete me, any other issues you can message me but besides that I really don’t care to hear the words of others that mean nothing to me at all.

Now to regain my composure and take a breather…peace

  1. Jack says:

    So I totally get this post. I have seen some boys get pissy about other’s progress. I admit, I do get jealous but it’s not an angry spiteful jealousy, it’s just a “aw, I wish I was getting top surgery then” etc.
    But I am still glad fellow brothers are progressing at however rate. Don’t sweat it, there are always haters in every form or fashion of life. But we must support each other at least by words if not money to get ahead and to protect ourselves. So don’t let em get ya down…….f*&k em!

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