5-3-08: Update

Posted: May 3, 2008 in Changes, coming out, pre-t, Transgender, update

Today boi o boi today….it sucked major. I’m  not sure what the deal was today nothing really went right I was so bored on my day off…makes no dang on common sense. Well i got tomorrow off too. I missed the trans-prom my brother said it was awesome…its cool theres a lot more events I’m going to. I cant wait for the 10th to roll around the workshop is gonna be the shit. So many new friends I’m gonna make and I get to see so many in different stages…this is just gonna be the best summer. And I get to attend my first convention I’m taking my wife I gotta have my support system with me…Plus I wanna show my baby around Philly…shes not a east coaster so i gotta show her our many highlights…any suggestions? lol

I cant wait to get that first appt. I am gonna feel so much closer to my official rebirth…the end of one and the beginning of a new…I just hope the world is ready for me in every which way cuz boi o boi they are gonna see the true me. Not afraid to speak up cuz i don’t like my voice, not scared to walk into the bathroom in public places cuz the looks I get…I’m gonna feel soooooo much more relaxed in my new form. Why couldn’t it be like this since birth…lol.

I told my mom about me transitioning she was so much more calm about it then I thought she was gonna be. But yet again when I first came out she was so calm…she did try to argue with me about my name change but she let it go when I was straight up with her and told her I’m doing this for the betterment of me not you. I’m grown man now and I’m not her little baby any more my life decisions are mine no longer hers. I mean as my mother she’s always gonna call me by my birth name but she has already said only in her own domain….i can give her that she mom dukes…but in public its Toyne allll day. Now it’s just my grandmother and my father I’m not sure how they are gonna react but if they can’t love me for me then I don’t need em I can and have been fending for myself for the longest so whats different now.

I can’t wait for my baby to get here 11 more days…I’m gonna be a bit MIA you guys cuz I gotta clock some serious hours. Even though I hate this job it’ll do for the moment…my pplz was telling me bout a job at the mall but me the mall….ummm can we say hell no…i like ppl but not that damn much…I’m tired of working with food I need some benefits in my life…lol. So hopefully thats just around the corner for me ya know.

Stay tuned for the next entry I always have something to say…lol…peace dudes


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