My trans journal pt 2

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Birth Record Changes, Document Change, Dysphoria, pre-t, Transgender, update

I have made my first official appt today in the transgendered program at CHN: Bronx Health Center. I’m scheduled to go in Weds(4-30-2008), i can’t freaking wait. I also got my binder today…it feels so freaking good and it makes my chest have the exact image i want. Next stop T and then after that SRS top surgery…(doing happy dance).

I should be getting my name changed soon, I have decided to go with ADKR. Man there’s so many documents that I’m going to have to change but its all good, its all worth it. It’s going to be awesome when people stop addressing me as my female birth name. I feel a new found respect coming along with the name change and the T. It’s like I have always had this little sense of depression in the back of my head, like some kinda pressure and now that everything is going  as I would like and I can finally be myself.

My buddy Cris gave me this name of a Top surgery doc that is supposed to be good. I’m going to be checking into that a little later on in the summer. I’m gonna wait about a year to get my top surgery. Even though if things go extra good I’m gonna see if I can push it up. Everything is just going so smoothly like now is the set time it was supposed to happen at this time in my life. I’ll be able to sign my next child’s birth certificate, I’ll be able to legally marry my girlfriend. That is one thing I’m so excited to do…the whole civil union thing is nice, but I always wanted to experience the actual ceremony. She is just the perfect person to marry I wouldn’t trade her for nothing, even though we don’t get along all the time I love her so damn much.


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