Well yesterday’s  first walk was a bitch! Not even due to my legs being all wobbly but laying down for so long and then shocking my system was horrible.  My entire upper body started to have muscle spasms so it took a good ten mins to get up.  Then when I get up I took a few steps and made it to the portable commode. That felt good to sit up for a while, made another bowel movement. No shame kinda dozed off for a few mins on the commode lol. It’s ok it takes alot of effort the first time you get up. But I made it and then the nurses helped me back to my bed. I now know how infants feel after they play for such a short amount of time. I totally passed out after I was back in the bed.  That was awesome sleep! The next time was later that night this time the nurses and I agreed that muscle relaxers and Norco would be a better bet for my next walk.  So that’s what we did 30 mins before and it definitely  help as all the muscles in my stomach  were relaxed and made it easier to get up and sit upright. I walked alot further this time to the foot of the bed and then I turned around.  It is very hard to bend my donor  leg so making proper steps is tricky.  My left leg I can do whatever with as its just dry as all hell at this point and starting to itch like scabs do. I felt accomplished after all that attempting to walk being laid on my bad 5 days is a challenge  indeed.

So that’s yesterday recap….

Moving forward….

Today is day 6 post op and the physical therapist came to assess my gait (walking).  They are so attentive to my needs :D it’s awesome! PT has me going to physical therapy for two weeks at a rehabilitation. This ought to be awesome I hope some of it involves water I like putting my legs in water I just know my grafts can go in it but it’ll allow me to move my legs freely. I can’t wait to get back to normal walking.  Well semi normal but I think physical therapy will help with my bum knee as well.

Also I’m getting really sick of smelling dry blood that is the most  unsettling smell there is. And I can’t do much about it until I am able to shower properly. And my scrotum is still very oozing but everything else is pretty closed over.  My urethra  has been leaking and I know it’s from the moments I felt I had to pee aka my cath was either full or tangled. But I told crane about  the feeling he says most likely I’ll end up peeing before it’s time. But I definitely  know it’s working already yayy! I love my scrotum too it’s alot better now that he has fixed it and repositioned everything properly into its proper anatomical correct and forward position. I think more surgeons need to learn this technique it would save alot of us future revisions.

But now it is dinner time, so I’m going to eat and crash before I get up again..

Until  next time


didn’t write yesterday for real as nothing went on for real lol.  I layer here watched Brave then NCIS  marathon.  Outside of that passed out cracked some jokes to with my nurses and took a small bowl on the bed pan.  Still the weirdest mess every going in the bed. Took my Norco around 9 got some benadryl  because I was extremely itchy  all over and next thing I know it’s vital time lol.

Oh but this morning on day 5 omgeeeez! I got woken up first cracking up at myself because I apparently slept text one of my buddies and said the most hilarious  shit ever lol.  So that gave me a good chuckle  then I passed out for another hour until the mircosurgical team came in that crane works with. Let me just say,  if it is your day to remove  your vacuum tell the nurse give you something around 530  am as they come in at like 6 and just start pulling drains out and getting the vacuum  off. Let me just say I have not had over level 2 in pain since all this but today went from 2 to 32 in secs.  I started sweating and almost passed out and it’s not even the wound itself it’s the stupid ass tape they used to make a seal.  Felt like they were  ripping my skin off and mind you they shaved me so it wasn’t hair being pulled. Then I felt every staple coming out, mirco  said I have hypersensitivity which is good but in that moment retardedly bad like super duper bad!  No shame I was in here screaming like a little punk and I don’t even care it hurt like 5 hells rolled over!  I was trying my hardest not to hit one of them but when I feel pain like that  natural reaction  lol.  So I just grabbed the sheets and went sailor mode, sounded like a navy bar on as Friday night lmao. Took a good ten mins to get it all off then I was given more pain pills. Because  what I took aka PCA  while  the did it did nothing for me lol. I took  a mini  nap after that I couldn’t deal any more smh. Then they are like you can walk today and go home if you want. Bump that not after yall just did all that lmao.  But I have not been put of bed yet so not happening anyway.

But about  an hour later crane walks in all smiley asking how I was doing lol.  He’s  so goofy and laid back love it. He changed everything out and was like wow totally awesome. Things looked way better than a day 5 but I tried to tell him I heal like a super human or something. I told him I could feel the catheter/Stent in my urethra  when it was pulled out (same mess I felt during meta doesn’t feel good). I also told him I’ve had the “I have to pee”  sensation  at the back of my balls for 2 days now, he said I might just pee which is ok just don’t purposely do it until next week. And other great part already I told him I feel my entire scrotum and the right side at the base of my shaft I feel all of that.  It’s not erotic  but I definitely  know it’s being touched. I also feel pressure about 1/4 up the shaft already he was totally wowed  but considering the nerves that were hooked up not really surprised. There was on massive one that was visible Pre-Op in my electrolysist  thigh photos that’s the big  one they used and he said it was nice and juicy and should grow  fine. Well needless to say it is as well as I have a very loud and strong pulse in the phallus. Initially I was only supposed to get 7 but I assume when they got in there they could safely do larger so I’m 7.5 and with some unswelling and gravity I could easily see 8. Now I understand why he told me no when I asked for 8 because it’s going to stretch a bit. He explained  my urethra  was to the tip  and had no issues during that process.  From what I was told since eine had meta I actually have less chances for urinary issues post phallo due to the way he does the urethra and mine already being extended from the native with zero complications. I just can’t wait to pee all over the place ctfu yayy potty training 2.0 :D…  I also explained a mishap I had with one of the nurses (lazy and incompetent)  as well he’s going to take care of that so no one else reading this needs to worry about that nurse she won’t be treating any of you all. I had a post op tomorrow but since he seen me today and there is nothing eventful going on I will see him again next week at post op appt 2! I also asked when I can start back hair removal  to get the strays, he said 2 months so I’ll be booking my appt for Nov probably a few days before my chest revision with anooshian.

So today I get to get up, still can’t lift my leg on my own but we’re going to work on this stuff today  so weds at the latest I’ll be going for discharge. I do know one thing once I’m up someone is getting me a damn wheelchair and I’m going the hell outside. So tired of these walls and this bed and my ass is sore ugh lol.  I can not be happier that this while process is the hell over with.  I can’t be happier than I stuck it out and choose who was best for me against all odds.  And I’m glad I chose the best donor site for me as well as its proving to be  awesome  already! Can’t wait to see what other things I start to feel :)

But it’s breakfast time so I’m going to eat, take a nap, and then attempt to walk to the commode  and use the bathroom for real.  I also want a real damn shower today my ass feels gross  lol.  I’ll update more after my first time out the bed.

Until then…